Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Orphanage Day

I took my parents to the orphanage today. We came down the long stairway and around the corner. As soon as my dad was in sight, the kids came running up to him yelling, "Santa! Santa!" It was perfect. They lept into his arms and didn't let him go until our hour was up.

We are no longer allowed to visit the babies so we now stay outside with the older kids and sing songs with them. There were probably 20-25 kids with us for the hour. We sang songs, played games and held them. Most of the time we were there, my dad had one kid on each leg, one standing in the middle and one hanging around his neck. They just love seeing men.

Some good news for those of you who are waiting for a referral...I have heard from 2 different people that referrals are coming soon. I have heard 17 and 19. I was even told that the little guy I taught the high-five to was taken out of the orphanage for blood work the other day. I can't wait to see who his forever family will be! I hope and pray that it is one of you reading right now.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Grandma and Grandpa are here!

My parents are here! It is so exciting for me to have my parents in Rwanda with us. We have been able to show them Kigali and some of the surrounding areas. One of the first things we did was take them to Akagera National Park for a day long safari. It was so much fun for Emma to take them.
Matt, me, Emma, Mom and Dad
Sunrise in Rwanda
Matt with a herd of Cape Buffalo. It was pretty amazing watching them run across the open land toward us.

My parents, Jim and Judy, on safari!

Matt and Emma on Hippo beach with all the crocodiles. Open wide!

Emma loves looking out the top of the truck. We were tracking elephants. No luck this time.
African Fish Eagle
Warthogs!!! They are so cute when they run!
Mr. Baboon