Monday, April 19, 2010

Time For a Change

It has been almost 3 months since we left the church. Matt applied for numerous jobs throughout Grand Rapids, the state and really anything within a day’s drive of here. Nothing has panned out. He has even applied for part time temporary jobs just to get us by and nothing. So, we have decided to head back to California. Matt is able to sub the remainder of the school year there as well as work at Round Table. This will provide us with enough income to stay on top of the bills until a long term job is found. Our dear friend Heidi, she went to Scotland with us in 2005, is letting us stay in her home as long as we need to. We are planning on being there at least through the summer while Matt continues to look for full time employment. We are able to leave our things here at my parents’ house until we know where we will be long term so we won’t have the huge expense of moving everything right away.

Matt is heading out on Tuesday. Emma and I are going to be flying out once I finish my job here in early May. It will be 19 days apart. This is the longest that Matt has been away from me or Emma. He is really excited to get back to doing Something! Please pray that he remains in good spirits until we arrive. I am just grateful that Emma and I will be living at my parents’ so that I am not totally alone. I don’t know how you single moms do it! What Champs!

As far as the adoption goes, things remain on hold until we are settled. We continue to pray for Jack and his birth family. We know through the process of waiting for Emma that it is all in God’s timing. The best thing we can do now is pray for them and prepare for his arrival.