Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Emma is 4!!

Friends and Family Celebrating Emma's 4th Birthday!
The yellow candle is how we remember her nannies at the orphanage and her foster parents.
The red candle is how we remember her birth family in China.

Emma turned 4 on January 29! I am just now getting around to posting pictures because we were so busy having a blast with my parents here. I asked Emma for weeks leading up to her party who she wanted to invite. I thought she would want to invite all her little preschool friends but everytime she insisted on the teachers from school. She would start naming each and everyone not leaving anyone out. So, we ended up having a big kid party with all of our big kid friends.

I am so greatful for the friends that we have made here. They have become are family here. Emma loves them all and they are so wonderful with her. Emma was so happy that many of them came to her party. Her favorite guests of course were Grandma and Grandpa.

Emma's birthday is always a difficult day for me. I am so torn emotionally. It is hard not to think of a woman in Jiangxi, China and wonder what she is feeling. How hard it must be for her every January 29. While we are celebrating the beautiful gift that Emma is to us, she is probably torn apart, too. She probably can't help wondering what Emma is doing, what she looks like, what her voice sounds like, what her laugh sounds like, what her hugs and kisses feel like. How can I even begin to understand what she has been through? I don't think I ever will. I just thank her everyday for giving us such a precious gift. I thank her for risking her own life by giving birth to Emma. Oh the courage this woman must have.

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