Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blue Cribs, Blue Walls, Brown Eyes

One of the things that we have learned so far about the Rwanda adoption process is that as of now, America World has received all of its referrals from the same orphanage in Kigali, Rwanda. We have been able to look at the website of the orphanage and see pictures posted by other families. This is so different than what our China experience was already. With Emma, we had no idea where in China she was. It is such a huge country and we had no clue where in it our sweet little daughter was living the first several months of her life. It is strange for me to see pictures and know that, most likely, this is where our Jack will be living until we are able to go get him. It is difficult to see all the little faces in blue cribs with bright blue walls jammed together. At least they seem to be smiling. We have also seen pictures of the outside of the orphanage. There is no grass to play on just dirt.
Here is a video that I found today while reading the blog of another America World family. They are waiting for their referral and hope to receive it in the next few weeks. From what most people think, the photos in this video with blue cribs and bright blue walls are probably from Home of Hope in Kigali where Jack will someday be and where we will meet him. It is almost surreal for me to watch it.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The People's Republic of China turns 60 today

Today is the 60th anniversary of the communist take over of China. Mao Zedong proclaimed China The People's Republic of China 60 years ago today in Tienanmen Square. I feel very torn this morning as I always do when thinking about Mao. It makes me so angry to think about all the horrible and inhumane things that he did and allowed to happen to his own people...forced sterilizations and abortions, public humiliation, destruction of temples, books, etc., "re-education in labor camps", torture of millions of Christians. The list goes on and on. Over the last 3 years I have read things about communist China and pre-communist China that just make my stomach turn. While standing in Tienanmen Square last summer I couldn't help but think of the students crushed by tanks for simply stating their opinion...something we take for granted here in America.

The thing that tears me apart is that if it were not for Mao and those who followed him, I wouldn't have Emma as my daughter. The string of events that occurred over the last 60 years is what led to tens of thousands of children being adopted out of China. If Mao had not encouraged the people to multiply to build a stronger China, there would not have been the need to enforce the One Child Policy years later. This is why it is so hard for me to really think about China. Everything inside of me not only as a Christian but as a human being can't stand the policies and practices of China's government. But at the same time, everything inside of me LOVES Emma and can't remember what life was like without her. I will always be grateful to China for allowing me to adopt Emma. But it is hard to respect them. i want Emma to appreciate her heritage but I also want her to understand the hardship that exists there.

So, Happy Birthday to The People's Republic of China. I hope that you grow wiser with old age.

Dave and Heidi's Wedding!!!

Matt's brother Dave got married this weekend in Minnesota. It was such an amazing wedding! Matt performed the ceremony so that was really special. It meant a lot to him to be able to do that for Dave and Heidi. Emma was the most adorable flowergirl ever! She had so much fun wearing her pretty "wedding dress." The wedding was at Heidi's parents' house on a gorgeous bluff. The view was incredible and the weather turned out to be just perfect! The night was capped off with fireworks! We are so thrilled for them as they begin this new phase of life together. We just adore Heidi and are so happy to have her Officially as a Sister!